We all love to save money so why not save it with your home improvement services?

Pressure washing is the best way to clean any home and help remove or prevent mold and grime from growing or showing on your exterior surfaces.

All surfaces in Florida are susceptible to mold growth including alage and mildew. 

We are extending our pressure washing services to the residents of Treasure Coast, Florida for even lower prices.

Set up a scheduled service for every 4-6 months to have you home pressure washed. Get First Service at Regular Price and each service after $15 cheaper than the first!

Call to now to start saving money, (772) 626-7159.  

Painting Artist, Inc. is a Painting and PRESSURE WASHING company serving the Treasure Coast, Florida

Pressure Washing goes hand in hand with painting. Why? Most exterior surfaces in Florida need to be pressure washed / power cleaned at high pressure to eliminate grime, dirt, and mold growth to have a nice clean surface to paint.

Sidewalks become very slippery after mold begins to grow on the surface. In this video watch ho our machine and technique washes it all away leaving behind a slip-free surface.

Call our offices today to have your home's exterior surfaces pressure washed at very affordable rates, 772-626759.



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    August 2013